Beauty Blender With Stand – Purple

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  • Flawless Application: Designed for beginners and professionals, minimum product waste. For all kinds of cosmetics. Foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, etc. Blend liquid and cream foundations evenly, giving you an airbrushed flawless skin. Use it wet for a sheer coverage or gently squeeze most water out for a full coverage.
  • Clever Design: Three different shapes and multi functional makeup sponges.The flat side is perfect for contouring.The broad rounded side is ideal for basic application of foundation and highlighter and blush.The tapered end can be used for detailing and concealers.
  • Simple Steps for a Flawless Makeup: WET, SQUEEZE and TAP! Sabady makeup sponge doubles in size and becomes softer when wet.
  • Premium Quality: Premium material known for durability. Non-latex & non-allergic material. Sabady Beauty sponge allows the makeup product sits on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed, giving you a smooth, perfect application with less product. Sabady uses safe and water-soluble dyes that are environmental friendly.The color will not transfer onto the face or clothing.


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